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On 29/01/2007, at 11:44 AM, grove at zeta.org.au wrote:

> What does sharepoint do, that private wiki or peer2peer systems do  
> not?

SharePoint Team Services is tightly integrated with Office (2003 and  
2007) in the sense that the File Open/Save dialog boxes will open/ 
save documents into a SharePoint web. Also, the embedded commenting  
engine works with a SharePoint web and all the other collaboration  
tools that are "nifty" all work against SharePoint.

If you *have* Office and you *have* SharePoint then you get tight  
integration for free, essentially. There are no products in the  
Apache/Perl/PHP/whatever space that have this level of integration  
yet. Though, if you know of a WebDAV server with embedded commenting  
AND a very pretty web interface, please let me know.

Also, keep in mind that SharePoint Team Services and SharePoint  
Portal Services are two different products that do very different  
things. STS ships with SBS, whereas SPS is a commercial product in  
its own right. And yes, I used the acronyms on purpose because it  
amused me. :)


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