[LINK] Vista: Why you shouldn't upgrade yet

Malcolm Miles mgm-ns at tardis.net
Mon Jan 29 23:43:09 AEDT 2007

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:04:03 +1030, you wrote:

>Upgrading to Vista in an enterprise isn't going to happen
>as it requires physically touching machines (more memory,

Any business PC purchased or leased in the last 3 years is quite
likely to be able to run Vista without the need to change or upgrade
the hardware.

>At some point after training and the like has been set up
>new incoming machines will run Vista rather than Xp.  So
>the date of interest to enterprises is the last orderable
>date for Windows Xp, which looks like two years hence.

Businesses are usually permitted to downgrade the operating system
from that supplied on the PC. So even when PCs are shipped with Vista,
businesses can keep installing earlier versions of Windows for the
life of Vista.

>What will be much more trouble is the new Office -- new
>interface, new file formats, nasty links into Sharepoint.

The new interface will take a bit of getting used to but in less time
than you would expect with such a major redesign. You can setup Office
2007 to save in the the old formats by default, or you can roll out an
upgrade to the old Office versions that will allow them to read and
write the new format. While Office 2007 can interwork with SharePoint
there is nothing in it that requires you to run SharePoint.

>It's not at all clear what the best way to deploy that

It is quite clear and we are planning to do just that over the next
few months.

Best wishes,

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