FW: [LINK] IPv4 host density measured by ping

Daniel Rose drose at nla.gov.au
Thu Mar 1 15:12:30 AEDT 2007


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> At 10:32 PM 28/02/2007, Robin Whittle wrote:
> >I couldn't find any recent research on how many computers 
> exist on the 
> >Net, so I did my own:
> >
> >   http://www.firstpr.com.au/ip/host-density-per-prefix/
> >
> >I estimate about 107 million computers acknowledging pings.  Does 
> >anyone have insight into computers which are genuinely on 
> the Net but 
> >either do not acknowledge pings, or have those acknowledgements 
> >filtered out by a router?
> Many many many ingress points now reject ICMP ping packets 
> because of the volume and potential for ping floods.

There are, I'm told, an estimated 600 million hosts, so I suspect that
many many many also do not do this; especially outside the west.

My favourite example was a large subnet of dsl modems in india which not
only pinged but had the default telnet admin access left open.

I expect that corporate networks and web hosts will often not ping, but
that ISP hosts almost always will; I've never seen an adsl modem that
defaults to no ping response.

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