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At 01:01 PM 2/03/2007, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > Sounds like any religious based school when stated like this, not just
> > the Islamic schools that the govt has problems with.
>well, yes.
>you sound surprised. why? is there some fundamental difference(*) between
>christianity and islam that i'm unaware of?

Not surprised. Just pointing out the hypocrisy of current govt 
policy. With all the attention on 'big bad Islam' and ignoring the 
equally bad ideologies of other religious or pseudo religious 
societies, Israel being one, it's only apparent that the one-sided 
view is dangerous when you move to the next level of analysis: 
religion based states vs secular states. The current trend here in 
Australia is toward the former. For all the US bashing about the 
evangelical movement, at least religious studies has been kept out of 
state schools there, unlike here.


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