[LINK] US going digital TV in 2009

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Mon Mar 5 19:19:42 AEDT 2007

Howard Lowndes wrote:

> Try doing an nmap scan on it.

Good idea. Done. It is Linux:

Running: Linux 2.4.X|2.5.X
OS details: Linux 2.4.0 - 2.5.20 w/o tcp_timestamps, Linux 2.4.22 (x86) w/grsecurity patch and with timestamps disabled

Now, just running Linux does not require the distribution of the source
code (think web servers!). Only if they distribute it or make mods to it
are they required to provide the source code. Hmmmm.

The Aussie Toppy Site downloads page does not mention Linux or source code:

The Korean home site does not mention Linux on its home page or in its FAQ.
A serach for the keyword 'linux' reveals nothing!

Hrmmm. IANAL and do not know offhand if they are in violation of the GPL.


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