[LINK] Re: ASIO demands access to "access card" photo database

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Mar 7 16:18:17 AEDT 2007

one final comment.

\I find it incredible to think that the Government believes that Terrorists 
and Criminals are going to go around getting their photos taken for a 
Government Card.

Honestly.  Who's the bigger of the idiots!

Or are the AFP and ASIO saying that the database will assist in REMOVING 
suspects from their investigation because no criminal is stupid enough to 
walk into a government agency, fill in an application form, have a photo 
taken that goes to every government agency in the country, so we must all 
be honest if we have a card?

Cause I'd hate to think that holding a car makes me a suspect of every 
crime being investigated simply because I have a photo on it.

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