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Jan Whitaker wrote:
> have you signed yet?
>> The online NO-ID card petition at has attracted 250
>> signatures in its first 72 hours of operation.
I can't seem to extract the text from

but there is a reference to handing over health and personal details, 
whenever you want to access services.

Did I miss the discussion about health/medical data in the ID noise?

Because this could relate to a few other projects floating around to do 
with DNA.

> Did you ever wonder about your most ancient ancestors?
> The Genographic Project [Powered by IBM] will introduce you to them, and
> explain the genetic journeys that bond your personal
> lineage over tens of thousands of years.

> Now DeCode faces a new setback. Ragnhildur Gudmundsdottir has blocked the company from obtaining not just her health records but her dead father's because data in them could infringe her privacy, as she shares half his DNA. According to the scientific journal Nature, the ruling, by Iceland's supreme court, means 'the 1998 law governing the creation of the database is unconstitutional because it fails to protect personal privacy adequately'.

DNA register links suspects to crimes
> Collection of DNA from NSW prisoners and crime suspects in the past two years has resulted in more than 3500 "cold link" matches to people, a piece of evidence or location to a crime where no previous connection was known to police.

and...[February 17, 2007}
> A report obtained by The Weekend Australian says research into the DNA of the remains it holds could provide a key to creating such a test.
> "DNA analysis of the remains and subsequent comparisons with (the) Tasmanian community may allow the establishment of Aboriginal descent in the absence of documentation," it says, provoking condemnation from Aboriginal groups.

and then there is
>  23 March 2006  	
> Print media release
> Trial of Electronic Health Records
> Healthelink, the first NSW pilot of a revolutionary electronic health records system to improve patient care and speed up treatment, begins in the Hunter today.
> NSW Minister for Health, John Hatzistergos, said the project will involve the secure collection and storage of eligible patients’ health information from Maitland Hospital, John Hunter Hospital, East Maitland and Raymond Terrace community health centres.
> "Electronic health record systems will provide health care professionals with the medical patient information they need, when they need it,” Mr Hatzistergos said.

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