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Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> have you signed yet?
>>> The online NO-ID card petition at has attracted 250
>>> signatures in its first 72 hours of operation.
> I can't seem to extract the text from
> <>
> but there is a reference to handing over health and personal details, 
> whenever you want to access services.
> Did I miss the discussion about health/medical data in the ID noise?
> Because this could relate to a few other projects floating around to do 
> with DNA.

for another perspective....

From: Otto Manfredjensen 	16/12/2003 9:12:35 AM
Subject: Who's your daddy?


I remember a report on the ABC Health Report some time back, that before
IVF, DNA tests have shown the "milkman" was surprisingly busy.

Though having DNA info may be useful in finding organ donors.

I do wonder if there is a privacy and ethical framework which can
balance the health
benefits against the othere possible uses?

If anyone caught Australian Story on Monday, which was about
the Breast Cancer Cluster in the ABC in Qld...the issue of
the specialists brought in to investigate focussing/seeking family
history and being disinterested in
environmental factors came up.

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