[LINK] SMH: 'Backlash fear sparks ID card rethink'

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Mar 16 10:38:41 AEDT 2007

Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

> The privacy aspect which concerns me, is the opportunity for DNA
> matching and identification of potential donors. Hot on the heals of the
> Therapeutic Cloning legislation passing through. But ofcourse this
> applies to kidney and other body part donations....

Anyone catch "The eagle" last night on SBS? A new Danish cop show,
well above average. I loved the Iceland bits since I visited there
last year.

The episode featured a killer masquerading as a terrorist to divert
police away from what he was really up to at Copenhagen Airport.

What was chilling was the ease with which the killer gained access to
all areas in the airport. Staff carried ID cards on their person. All
the killer had to do was disable a staff member, grab the ID card and
away he went.

What struck me was that there was too much power vested in such a
card, and it can easily be stolen by force and abused. It would seem
to me that an additional authentication and authorisation process
is required, perhaps using a retinal scan or thumbprint. Although
would you as an airport worker want your eye gouged out by a criminal
who wants to use your ID card?


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