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At 12:58 PM 24/03/2007, Tom Worthington wrote:
>Registration is one of the key elements of the Australian health and 
>social services Access Card scheme. It is the process become part of 
>the scheme by having their personal data (formerly known as the 
>Secure Customer Registration Service), Card and thereafter access 
>the benefits which are provided participating agencies (Medicare, 
>Centrelink, the Departments Veteran's Affairs). The Register is 
>established by Division 3 of the Bill. It is part discussing 
>registration. It should be noted that the Government has not yet 
>made a the Access Card might be called. The Minister is empowered 
>legislation (see below) to determine the name of the card relation 
>to the card (section 27), and that name/symbol will property of the 
>Commonwealth (section 28). The Commonwealth power to compulsorily 
>acquire such related rights if they are on the payment of just 
>compensation (section 73). For the purposes will simply use the term 
>Access Card where appropriate. ...
>From: Registration, Discussion Paper Number 3,, Consumer and Privacy 
>Taskforce , 21 March 2007 

What is this? Babelfish translation? A scan? Half of these sentences 
make absolutely no sense.

And what is this 'formerly known as' bit? Is it now called something else?

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