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At 01:13 PM 25/03/2007, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>At 12:58 PM 24/03/2007, Tom Worthington wrote:
>... Half of these sentences make absolutely no sense. ...

Sorry, somehow I lost half of each sentence. Should have been:

Registration is one of the key elements of the Australian 
Government's proposed health and social services Access Card scheme. 
It is the process by which Australians become part of the scheme by 
having their personal data entered on the Register (formerly known as 
the Secure Customer Registration Service), receive their Access Card 
and thereafter access the benefits which are provided by the 
government's participating agencies (Medicare, Centrelink, the 
Departments of Human Services and Veteran's Affairs).

The Register is established by Division 3 of the Bill. It is part of 
the background to discussing registration.

It should be noted that the Government has not yet made a formal 
decision on what the Access Card might be called. The Minister is 
empowered in the proposed legislation (see below) to determine the 
name of the card and any symbol used in relation to the card (section 
27), and that name/symbol will become the protected property of the 
Commonwealth (section 28). The Commonwealth will also have the power 
to compulsorily acquire such related rights if they are currently 
held privately, on the payment of just compensation (section 73). For 
the purposes of this Paper we will simply use the term Access Card 
where appropriate. ...

>And what is this 'formerly known as' bit? Is it now called something else?

The Register was called the "Secure Customer Registration Service". I 
guess that was better than calling it the "Insecure Registration Service". ;-)

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