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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Tue Mar 27 08:30:23 AEST 2007

At 12:11 AM 27/03/2007, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>Though I guess one will never really know, I'm wondering if Linkers have
>noticed this wider dissemination effect, and what, if anything, should be
>done about it? I'd guess it's a good thing, but one would like it if Link
>were to receive due recognition if it is true. Any Link thoughts re this?

I believe it goes both ways. The people on link are in touch with 
what is happening in the world, pay attention to the media, read 
widely, are involved in policy influencing organisations, and are 
generally open with their opinions that are often better informed 
than the general public. I believe the members have a diverse set of 
interests as well, not just the topic for which link was established, 
as can be seen by the many times we go OT (and ott!). We are 
fortunate to have professional journalists, as well as lawyers, 
analysts, information managers, technologists, and academics as 
members. This diversity means we look at problems/issues through a 
huge range of prisms, not just the nuts and bolts and software like 
on some IT lists. Context is often an important part of our discussions.

As for 'done about it?', that seems like a strange way to put it. Why 
would a 'mailing list' get recognition rather than the contributor? 
Even then, the discussions seldom lead to conclusions or consensus. 
We build our opinions as a result of the give and take and questions. 
I don't know how any of it could be teased out for attribution to any 
one individual. So maybe that's what you mean by recognition of the 
'list' - or as it is referred to in another group I belong to, the 'listmind'.


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