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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Tue Mar 27 11:07:12 AEST 2007

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> I believe it goes both ways. The people on link are in touch with what 
> is happening in the world, pay attention to the media, read widely, are 
> involved in policy influencing organisations, and are generally open 
> with their opinions that are often better informed than the general 
> public. I believe the members have a diverse set of interests as well, 
> not just the topic for which link was established, as can be seen by the 
> many times we go OT (and ott!). We are fortunate to have professional 
> journalists, as well as lawyers, analysts, information managers, 
> technologists, and academics as members. This diversity means we look at 
> problems/issues through a huge range of prisms, not just the nuts and 
> bolts and software like on some IT lists. Context is often an important 
> part of our discussions.

That is the power of Link, compared to other lists I am on. Lists usually
attract and concentrate a rarefied slice of society, but Link to its
credit attracts a broad spectrum of contributors.

Of all my lists, I read Link first and foremost, and thoroughly enjoy my
"Link fix" ever day. I mention things raised and discussed on Link to
colleagues frequently, probably a few times week. I joined up in 1996
or so and wouldn't leave unless Tony banned me! I note that banishment
has never happened on this List, even when the kooks have driven the
rest of us mad.

I have been contacted a few times by the media to elaborate on threads
created on this list. Even an interview or two. And I am certainly no
journalist, just a propeller head :)

I love technology and work with it all the time. But technically oriented
lists go dead when one begins to discuss the broader scope of technology
and its influence and scope in non-technological sectors. Link is a rare
source for reading technology related discussions in a broad context.

All credit to Tony for having the vision to create the list at an early
stage of Internet development in Australia. What is it about librarians?
I am doing consulting and mentoring work with a librarian these days, and
I am impressed with the breadth of knowledge and interest my librarian
client possesses. I suppose it comes with the territory - one must be
a generalist and into ontology to be an effective librarian. And as is
typical, the mentor is learning from the student.

As an aside, I read some (and collect) some of the best sigs on Link!


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