[LINK] How FairPlay Works: Apple's iTunes DRM Dilemma

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu Mar 29 11:10:28 AEST 2007

Glen Turner wrote:

> Rick Welykochy wrote:
>> I must say, as an iPod owner and frequent user of iTunes that the DRM and
>> encryption protection has *never* gotten in the way of me enjoying my
>> music.
>> The system works seamlessly and transparently. The same cannot be said for
>> systems like those emerging on Vista, where heaps of complaints already
>> abound.
> My daughter's experience has been different. She lost about $150
> of purchases when her UK friend sent her a iTunes card for her
> birthday. Apparently you shouldn't mix cards from different countries.

The article mentions that Apple's DRM does allow you to mix one
iPods contents with another. Perhaps the same applies to iTunes

I'd be hopping mad at Apple. Has she obtained any recompense?

I have no experience with the iTunes online music store. I just
copy my CDs onto the iPod.


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