[LINK] Telstra foreshadows 100Mbps DSL

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  Friday, 02 November 2007
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  Telstra has raised the prospect of being able to deliver up to 100Mbps
  using DSL technologies over its existing copper pair network using a
  technique known as dynamic spectrum management (DSM), which is just
  becoming commercially available.

  However to achieve its full potential DSM would require every copper
  pair in a multipair cable to be operated and managed by one DSL operator.
  The way DSL in Australia operates today each ISP either has total
  dedicated access to a copper pair (the unbundled local loop or 'naked
  DSL') or else connects that copper pair to its own DSLAM while Telstra,
  or another operator uses the lower end of its spectrum to deliver a
  standard telephone service.

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