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Sun Nov 4 21:17:29 AEDT 2007

On Sun, 4 Nov 2007, Howard Lowndes wrote:

> If Rudd doesn't get the 16-18 seats he needs to swing, but little johnnie 
> loses his, does that mean we will be stuck with Mark Vaile or instant Captain 
> Smirk?

It gets worse.   You will be back to the 1990's Liberal "Dream team" 
with costoolo as PM and alexslander as Treasurer.   turnbull will probably 
get foreign affairs.  Vaile will stay where he his, where an IQ of 60
doesn't do too much harm.   Abbott would fight it out for treasurer too...

God only knows what the likes of Christopher Pyne would get promoted to,
or Heffernan....

But it could turn out differently, because there was talk of parachuting 
ljh into another safe electorate and promoting him back to leader,
something I believe is totally legal and constitutional.

What worries me is that Rudd will win on votes and lose on seats,
just like Beazley did in 2001.


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