[LINK] No GPhone, but Open Handset Alliance and 'Android' from Google

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Apple, Microsoft & Nokia are missing from the 30 partners.
SDK to be released on 12 Nov.
Linux platform for 'mobile devices'.  Will they say "Consider it Standard"?
Not 'a gPhone', but many implementations.
(USA) 700Mhz spectrum tied to the idea.

>From ArsTechnica:

>From Andy Rubin on Google Blog:

Android/Open Handset Alliance:

Information Week articles:
On the Alliance
On Android:


> Rubin said eight carriers have agreed to ship handsets based on the
> Google platform: Sprint and T-Mobile U.S.A. in the United States, NTT
>  DoCoMo and KDDI in Japan, T-Mobile International in 10 European
> countries and the United Kingdom, China Mobile, Telefonica in Spain
> and Telecom Italia.

> Rubin said Google hopes to make money by increasing the number of
> people who are exposed to its Internet advertising.

> Rubin said the new mobile browser can display content from regular
> Web pages, rather than just the pages specifically customized for
> mobile gadgets.

> Rubin said major chip makers in the alliance - Intel, Qualcomm,
> Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Marvell, Nvidia and SiRF Technology
> Holdings - will open up the specifications of their technology to
> developers for "Android," as the Google platform is called. (The name
>  comes from a company that Rubin founded and Google subsequently
> acquired.)

> In addition, companies like Nuance Communications, which has a
> speech-recognition engine; PacketVideo, which developed software for
> handling video on cell phones; and Ascender, which has custom fonts,
> are releasing the code for their products under open-source licenses.

>  To ensure support for corporate developers, Rubin said Google has
> signed up alliance members like Wind River of Alameda, which already
> helps companies like Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and Nortel
> develop and run software embedded in different devices.

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