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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Wed Nov 14 10:01:11 AEDT 2007

Before last night's ACS Canberra talk started there was some informal 
discussion as to likely IT work needed for changes to government 
agencies and implementation of new policy after the federal election 
(whoever wins there will be changes). Then the formal talk started 
with Funnelback, an Australian web search company formed to 
commercialize government funded research by CSIRO in 2005. Funnelback 
recently won a tender to provide enterprise search for Geoscience 
Australia, including implementing an interface to the TRIM electronic 
document management system (EDMS).

This got me thinking that the change of government was an opportunity 
to implement something like the GA system, across the entire 
Australian Government. Staff could then have access to any 
information they needed and where authorized to, directly via one 
common online system, accessing all the data of all agencies. At the 
same time they could have a common standard email and office document 
system, as well as VoIP phone service. In the past this would have 
been an impossible task, but with the Internet and web standards it 
is achievable within the few months honeymoon period when a new 
government tries to do new things. More at 

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