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Surely it would come under the purview of the NLA.  While it probably  
doesn't at the moment it probably should.  If it were online it would  
probably be in pandora and possibly the internet archive - although  
that tends to be US focused.

I have heard and read that a lot of early TV shows have simply been  
lost forever.  While that doesn't bother me too much as an avowed  
hater of most TV, it does bother me in that there are large chunks of  
our culture and our heritage that have been lost.


On 2007/Nov/14, at 2:53 PM, Michael Still wrote:

> Hi.
> In the past, it was easy to view the historical record for politics  
> in a
> country by viewing news paper archives. This gives you a nice  
> timeline,
> and a record of who said what, in return for a relatively brute force
> search algorithm. There are bodies in most countries responsible for
> collecting this data -- the NLA in Australia for example.
> It occurs to me that this is probably not being done for radio and
> television though -- let alone online media. Is anyone aware of an
> Australian effort to archive everything which is broadcast in each  
> major
> media market in Australia?
> I'm kind of amazed if this isn't being done. Especially given my bad
> pre-coffee maths implies this could be done for around $2 million  
> AUD a
> year, which seems like a relatively small amount to pay for such an  
> archive.
> Thoughts?
> Mikal

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