[LINK] Television archival

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Nov 15 02:35:30 AEDT 2007

Kim Holburn wrote:
> Surely it would come under the purview of the NLA.  While it probably
> doesn't at the moment it probably should.

Well, the NLA does dead tree, and tries to index the "Australian web".
Do they archive TV and radio?

> If it were online it would
> probably be in pandora and possibly the internet archive - although that
> tends to be US focused.

I've previously stated why I think Pandora is wrong-headed, so I'll
leave it at that. However, I do agree this sort of archival is
important, but I don't think Pandora helps with this case. You need at
least a daily crawl of the "news sites", otherwise how do you know if
things are edited in the light of later data?

> I have heard and read that a lot of early TV shows have simply been lost
> forever.  While that doesn't bother me too much as an avowed hater of
> most TV, it does bother me in that there are large chunks of our culture
> and our heritage that have been lost.

Well, I do know that a lot of Goodies and Doctor Who are lost.
Apparently the BBC reused archival tapes? That's not my point though --
I'm a lot more interested in the historically relevant content, like
news reports, chat radio, election advertising, et cetera.


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