[LINK] Spam filter eliminates 99% of junk mail

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Nov 19 19:27:16 AEDT 2007

Well after reading this thread I gave in and installed SPAMASSASSIN.

Its installed before TMDA so hopefully will reject earlier.  I'm also 
going to do some MX botching to see if that helps reduce the incoming 
load a little.

In any event, TMDA was only filtering around 7500 - 8500 SPAM 
messages a week for my primary email address.  Not a great result 
given I was still hand sorting around 200 a week, which was starting 
to feel like unfiltered mail from about 5 years ago.

I should mention that until earlier this year I rarely got a spam 
after installing TMDA.  It's really gone up in numbers dramatical 
this year - see some of my statistics previously posted.

Anyway with SpamAssiassin installed, I now get ZERO SPAM.   I'll 
check TMDA in about a week and see what it's volume is down to.  I 
suspect it will be quite low.

The benefit is very clear on my mobile internet connection.  No more 
downloading several hundred messages a day between my mail and my 
wifes email.  A BIG saving that has shown in the local monitored staistics.

I also installed ZoneAlarm after my Generic Hosts Process kept 
crashing every few minutes.  See I' not use to having a windows box 
on a live IP, I've lived behind 2 Firewalls and a DMZ for the last 15 years :)

At least nothing nasty has been installed :)  That I monitor like a 
hawk regardless of DMZ's, Firewalls and Monitoring Software 
:)  Nothing like a human eye over the process memory map :)

Anyway since AZ went live I have been able to sustain 48 hour 
connections via Mobile Phone internet :)  Impressive :)  What's more 
impressive this is connected whilst driving!  (I don't have redial on 
drop or fail active)

Now I just need to get a Linux Firewall running under the front seat 
of the car and get the WiFi running so our laptops can connect locally :)

At 06:42 PM 16/11/2007, David Lochrin wrote:
>On Friday 16 November 2007 11:04, Tom Worthington wrote:
> > I did a quick check to see if my SpamAssassin Spam filter was
> > working. The result was that the filter is catching 99% of the Spam,
> > which makes up 96% of the email I receive. No messages were
> > incorrectly classified as Spam.
>    I agree with Tom's assessment of SpamAssassin, which disposed of 
> almost 90% of a deluge of spam with the threshold set to 
> five.  However the new owner of the D2 ISP seems to have a very 
> effective spam filter, also SpamAssassin I think, and my own filter 
> doesn't get much of an outing these days!
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