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Eric Scheid eric.scheid at ironclad.net.au
Wed Nov 21 19:58:57 AEDT 2007

On 21/11/07 6:16 PM, "George Bray" <georgebray at gmail.com> wrote:

>> One of your biggest problems is a reliable Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
>> Carl.
> Too right.  There are a number of solutions, though none of them perfect.


6) wait a few months, then see if the hype is true:


Networks want to nobble ad-skipping
Asher Moses
November 19, 2007 - 2:33PM

The free-to-air television industry has declared war on ad-skipping personal
video recorders as it prepares to release a free electronic program guide
for the first time.


Last Wednesday, the industry body representing local free-to-air networks,
Free TV Australia, announced all networks would be openly broadcasting seven
days worth of program listing information by January 1, 2008, creating
Australia's first free EPG.

Channels Nine and Ten began broadcasting today, while Channel Seven's will
commence on January 1 next year. ABC already broadcasts EPG information.


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