EPG Data (was Re: [LINK] Television archival [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Thu Nov 22 00:48:33 AEDT 2007

George Bray wrote:
>> The end rationale, however, is that none of the potential sources of
>> EPG data completely cover the channels we run, so we will always need
>> a "manual" way to specify the some recordings.
>> Any other sources of EPG data?

Getting the EPG data is only half the battle. Convincing the actual 
channel content to keep to time and start when the EPG says it will 
start is IMHO an even bigger battle.
I suppose you could use the EPG data and then extend the recording by 10 
minutes in front and behind the EPG schedule, then manually 'trim' the 
excess, but it is a hard slog.
Currently even the 'now and next' information within the PID stream 
often changes according to the nominal schedule, rather than when the 
program actually switches.
For content you are producing 'in-house' this is a matter of discipline 
in scheduling, and is addressable.

The ABC is the only broadcast station that seems to manage to keep to 
within 30 seconds of its schedule.

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