[LINK] Re: Limit Email Size to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Nov 30 14:08:54 AEDT 2007

Eric Scheid wrote:

> html+css support in web browsers is sufficiently advanced and supported that
> it is appropriate to upbraid any bad code found. The same can not be said
> for html+css support in mail readers though - it's a real shambles, imagine
> it's the days of IE 2.0 all over again.

It's hard to generalise, but I usually encounter only two types of HTML email.

1. Corporate marketing dress up, which attempts to look like a magazine
    ad or a page from their coprorate website; these pages often fail miserably
    in the rendering process on the email clients I use.

2. Individuals who (often unknowingly) fire up the HTML composer in their
    email client to send a few dozens lines of text.

Yeah, some standardisation and possible extension to HTML (like embedded style
sheets) are required for (1) above to work.

But (2) is the case that is useless and a waste of bandwidth. I don't recall
ever seeing a personal HTML email that actually uses the markup to produce
anything attractive; not even a proper bulleted list. Rather, the result is
a bloated mess that doesn't look too different from the plain text version.

I get the impression most email users do not know anything about HTML and
certainly not how to use it effectively.


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