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Mon Jun 2 00:14:00 AEST 2008

Craig writes,

> open source is about source code, and the freedom to use, modify, and
> redistribute it at will.  and the sharing and collaboration that goes
> along with that..
> for physical objects, like houses or cars or solar cells, the "source
> code" is the design, the plans, the blue-prints. all the documentation
> and notes and thinking needed for someone to actually build something.
> like music etc, this design can be and is done in an open source,
> collaborative manner - where part of the goal is to benefit everyone
> rather than just one person or one company..
> building up a massive library of open-source "prior art" is one of the
> best defenses against this on-going land-grab style theft from the
> intellectual commons. craig <cas at taz.net.au>

Well said, Craig .. a clear big picture perspective.

And ONE university, calling colleagues worldwide to join a Web2 community
to produce the best (greenest, safest, cleverest etc) house, suburban car,
solar-water-heater, cook-top, air-conditioner/heater and a water-purifier 
design, could well change world history. The six best open source designs, 
available for discussion and download, would surely be THE most important
world-sustainable-living Internet resource available.

Cheers linkers
Stephen Loosley

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