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In New Scientist this month:


Secret messages could be hidden in net phone calls

    * 31 May 2008
    * Paul Marks
    * Magazine issue 2658

THE next time your internet (VoIP) phone call sounds a bit fuzzy, it 
might not be your ISP that's to blame. Someone could be trying to 
squeeze a secret message between the packets of data carrying the 
caller's voice.

Wojciech Mazurczyk and Krzysztof Szczypiorski, information scientists 
at the Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland, revealed 
last week that they are developing a "steganographic" system for VoIP 
Steganography is the art of hiding messages by embedding them in 
ordinary communications. For example, a message can be encoded as a 
string of numbers which are used to modify the brightness and colour 
of an image. The effect is too subtle to be noticed by unwitting 
observers but the message can be deciphered with appropriate software 
by anyone who knows it's there.

Now the Polish researchers have worked out how to use internet phone 
calls rather than images as ...


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