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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Mon Jun 2 13:24:56 AEST 2008

Jan Whitaker wrote:

> In New Scientist this month:
> http://technology.newscientist.com/channel/tech/mg19826586.000-secret-messages-could-be-hidden-in-net-phone-calls.html
> Secret messages could be hidden in net phone calls
>     * 31 May 2008
>     * Paul Marks
>     * Magazine issue 2658
> THE next time your internet (VoIP) phone call sounds a bit fuzzy, it 
> might not be your ISP that's to blame. Someone could be trying to 
> squeeze a secret message between the packets of data carrying the 
> caller's voice.

Seems like another technological area where the law has yet to catch up.

Steganographic altering of a data stream is just one part of a larger
problem. Intruders insert and alter data streams ("code injection" and
"cross site scripting") to break into systems and user's data streams
and private content.

One can imagine an attack where a VoIP conversation is subtly interfered
with so that a party receiving a voice message hears something different
than what was sent. The consequence could be devastating if an important
word like "not" was deleted from the stream.

Like wiretapping, wire altering should be illegal. Is it?


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