[LINK] Dick Destiny on "China caused the blackouts"

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jun 9 12:15:19 AEST 2008

 From The Register


It's refreshing to have someone working to debunk the bollocks and 
bulldust that surrounds "cyberwar" debate ... I particularly enjoyed this:
> The magazine's report was lengthy, working through the logic that the 
> truth of a thing is determined by the number of Americans who can be 
> found to assert it. In another manner of speaking, if one can fill a 
> room with bull, hearsay and gossip, there's always a magic tipping 
> point where it transforms into fact, like lead turns into gold when 
> touched by the Philosopher’s Stone in alchemy.
I have watched with some dismay as the most ludicrous assertions are 
given as straight fact ... so it's nice to catch then occasional sane 
voice. I'll bet Dick Destiny feels like he's whispering into a 
hurricane, though.


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