[LINK] Copyright in adapted works [was Digital copyright ...]

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jun 10 23:01:52 AEST 2008


They'd want to be VERY careful with that. Seems like a recipe for 
stepping on the copyright rights of others if you ask me.

Hope they reap what they sow.      :)


At 10:12 PM +0930 10/6/08, Janet Hawtin wrote:
>There have been efforts at WIPO by broadcasters to lobby for copyright
>on any material that they broadcast. This is interesting when you
>think about news collecting agencies having permission to capture
>information which other people may not.
>It also is interesting if you think about the idea that it aligns
>copyright with the pipes
>rather than with the creative relationship. It makes it interesting if
>the broadcasters
>with those kinds of privileges become the main carriers because then
>it would be difficult to express ideas without handing over
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