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loved this. Problem diagnosis from DOS attack to selling a huge game.


>Amazon Down Again
>A company that monitors web performance, Keynote, reported that 
>Amazon's site "suffered sporadic outages" again yesterday lasting 
>for at least an hour. The company says "probes also found problems 
>with the British Amazon.co.uk site, but other country-specific sites 
>appeared to be functioning,  Keynote's automated probes were able to 
>reach the main Amazon.com site as little as 30 percent of the time. 
>Even when the monitors did reach the site, they faced delays."
>The Register cites "speculation that it was under a denial of 
>service attack." They note that "Friday's outage coincided with a 
>sustained attack on the Internet Movie Database, a popular site 
>owned by Amazon that uses Amazon IP addresses. At the same time that 
>Amazon's site became unavailable, a single attacker perpetrated a 
>'layer 7' attack on IMDB. It flooded the site with so many requests 
>for images that bandwidth and computing resources weren't able to 
>accommodate legitimate users." But "some people have speculated that 
>the outage was inadvertently caused by bots programmed to scoop up 
>the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, an 80-GB pack for the PlayStation3, 
>which went on sale on Amazon on Friday."

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