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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 03:23 PM 14/06/2008, Adam Todd wrote:
> >
> > And why do I have to return the email to the originator if it's not
> > for me?  That just seems silly.

I've had two situations of 'uh-oh' messages by two people who work in 
government recently. One was from a council staffer and the other 
from a state govt type. Both sent 'Recall' emails after sending. I 
laughed and wrote back to the state guy saying: 'You're joking, 
right?' He didn't reply. I know we've all done it, but when the idiot 
who figures out their error and then seriously thinks a message with 
'recall' in the subject line actually does anything, I lose the 
little respect I thought I had in the first place.


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