[LINK] Whacky Disclaimers again

Ash Nallawalla nospam at crm911.com
Sat Jun 14 23:39:31 AEST 2008

> From: link-bounces at mailman1.anu.edu.au [mailto:link-
> bounces at mailman1.anu.edu.au] On Behalf Of Jan Whitaker
> but when the idiot
> who figures out their error and then seriously thinks a message with
> 'recall' in the subject line actually does anything, I lose the
> little respect I thought I had in the first place.
> Jan

All the user does is to click the "Recall this message" option in Outlook
and the program immediately appends Recall: to the subject line and sends an
email to the recipient/s.  It works when the recipient is on an Windows
Exchange mail system and hasn't opened the email.


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