[LINK] Whacky Disclaimers again

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch dassa at dhs.org
Sun Jun 15 10:22:54 AEST 2008

link-bounces at mailman1.anu.edu.au wrote:
|| Richard Chirgwin wrote:
||| So my guess is that at some point, someone decided it was a good
||| look to add the recall feature to e-mail ... or maybe the wire
||| services asked for the feature when they started out in e-mail
||| distrubution! 
|| Its a Microsoft Exchange feature. It only works of course if
|| you're all using the same exchange server. Otherwise you
|| just look like an even bigger idiot.
|| Mikal

I have an agent that does the same thing with Lotus Notes/Domino.  These
functions are only intended for internal use and don't work with external
addresses on other infrastructure at all.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 

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