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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Tue Jun 17 12:36:59 AEST 2008

stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> Besides poor quality, surely this will kill MS Vista stone dead?
> --
> Vista is Honoring the ‘Do Not Record’ Broadcast Flag

Regarding the downfall of Microsoft's Vista ...


   "A leading Wall Street cheerleader for Windows Vista has taken the
    gloss off a new Microsoft website encouraging customers to give Windows
    Vista a go.

    Bernstein Research analyst Charles DiBona says a year of negative
    publicity combined with the ability for users to downgrade to Windows
    XP means that "almost no feature of the new OS is now seen as a meaningful
    positive driver for adoption".

    Drawing on on a poll last month of 372 IT professionals concerning Windows
    Vista that he conducted with Ziff Davis Media and Peerstone Research,
    DiBona wrote that the inescapable conclusion is that "support for Vista
    has been battered across all enterprise sizes and corporate constituencies."

> With viable alternatives, the resurgent Apple Computers, and Linux, the 
> idea that Vista is doing this is going to hurt in the longer run. 

With each upgrade to Mac OS X, I get the feeling that Apple is
complying more and more with the wishes of the entertainment

One upgrade silently removed the Disk Copy utility and replaced it with
the dumbed-down Disk Utility. Much harder to duplicate CDs and DVDs now
without third party software.

Quicktime has a lot of built-in copy protection and it gets more draconian
with each upgrade. I have not yet used their Front Row software for the home
entertainment centre, so I cannot compare directly with what Vista
is doing.

Do we have any examples of the "Do Not Record" flag in Aussie?

> This also hurts NBC for using it, while this might be a trial balloon to 
> see who gets upset on this issue, in preparation for more legal 
> enforcement, the loss of time shifting will be a significant loss for 
> everyone who records TV. Any system that honors the flag, from DVR’s to 
> your PC, means you can not record for later use. 

I have a PVR and it joyfully records everything I throw at it. I hardly
ever watch live to air now. This is the way of the future. Reclaim your
time and watch when you are free to do so. And given that about 40% of
each hour is promotional crap, I can skip all that and spend time only
watching programme material.

Regarding copy protection, when are the entertainment moguls going to
get with the digital plot? They lost the plot in the days of analogue, not
realising that if a human can hear and see it, we can also record it. Period.

The same goes for digital. If a computer can receive an audio and/or video
stream and play it, a computer can capture it and save it to disk. This is
the nature of digital. But they still don't get it.

Has there been any copy protection scheme ever that has not been cracked?


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