[LINK] Low marks for computers in schools

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At 10:37 AM 18/06/2008, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>Low marks for computers in schools

The subbie didn't read the article -- again!

Better: No marks for computers in schools

But even that is untrue. There have been heaps of studies on computer 
assisted learning. Just because they haven't been done in this 
particular state doesn't mean the research doesn't exist. Do we have 
to continually reinvent the wheel? [shaking head] Wouldn't it be 
better to spend time doing PD with the teachers for the range of 
options for using ICT for productivity in learning? To change the 
paradigm to how internet computers are facilitators of access to a 
range of information and to adjust their expectations of  student 
work accordingly?

How about being tools for better critical thinking, and the need to 
do so, since the students today DO rely on what they read on the 
Internet? The skills are real world and necessary.

The point about not improving maths is bizarre. Why should they? Yes, 
there are practice tools for doing maths skills repeatedly. The point 
isn't that they are delivered by computer, but that students spend 
time practicing maths.

Sometimes I just with the newspapers would shut up.


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