[LINK] Infoworld discovers HDMI downsides, only two years late

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Jun 19 18:24:14 AEST 2008

There's nothing like "news to me" syndrome:

> If you plug an LCD monitor into a late model DVD player or other 
> device with an HDMI output, all you'll see is text telling you that 
> your device is incompatible. If it were truly incompatible, it 
> wouldn't be able to display that text. Wait, it gets better.
> Let's say you do spring for an HDTV with HDMI input. Depending on the 
> maker of your cable box or DVD player, if you plug an HDMI cable into 
> your TV, the device turns off all of its analog outputs. Simply put, 
> the price for upgrading your TV to digital is that your existing VCR, 
> DVD recorder, and video-capable PC or Mac go blind. I can make 
> recordings of digital and analog cable programs, but only if I go 
> behind my equipment rack and yank the HDMI cable out of my set top box.
Two years ago, The Inquirer tried to get people worked up about HDMI:

So now that digitisation is inevitable sometime, and happening quicker 
in the US, the more mainstream IT press finally notices that the whole 
thing is a forced-march upgrade to DRM. Pure genius.

However, merely in the examples given, the Infoworld article is still 
worth a read...


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