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<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qtrax> expresses similar critique to
yours, Ivan.

Ivan Trundle wrote:

> A sense of deja vu here: wasn't this tried some years ago, to great  
> fanfare, but to little effect?


   Qtrax - Another D.O.A. Music Service


   Qtrax is managed by the guys who ran Spiralfrog, the last free music
   service that bombed - remember Spiralfrog, the free music service
   that offered DRM’d tracks incompatible with most people’s media players?
   The company that went on to lose $3.4 million on revenue of about
   $20,000? The Qtrax press area hypes that former Spiralfrog executives
   joined Qtrax in April.

Lots more information to be had via googling for "Qtrax DRM problems".

One pundit observed that tracking the slow and tedious rollout of
Qtrax is like watching a rerun of a train wreck in slow motion. It's
all happened before and it will probably happen again.

Qtrax has apparently garned $ MILLIONS in venture capital. Seems like
the SpiralFrog mob are at the trough again, gobbling up the capital
until a shell of nothingness is discarded once more and they can move
on to their next bomb. And this is perfectly legal. A vicious cycle
fed by greed and stupidity of investors.

There are heaps of scathing analyses here:



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