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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Tue Jun 24 12:11:17 AEST 2008

Howard Lowndes wrote:

>> Qtrax has apparently garned $ MILLIONS in venture capital. Seems like
>> the SpiralFrog mob are at the trough again, gobbling up the capital
>> until a shell of nothingness is discarded once more and they can move
>> on to their next bomb. And this is perfectly legal. A vicious cycle
>> fed by greed and stupidity of investors.
> Frankly, that sounds like an excellent business plan - for the trough 
> dwellers...

I've experienced trough dwelling entrepreneurs first hand,
and it ain't pretty. They are often charming but soulless
b**t**ds who leave a  trail of debt, broken careers, smashed
hopes and corporate destruction as they graze the corposphere.


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