[LINK] Rudd Government's internet filter to block up to 10, 000 'unwanted' sites

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> At 14:12 +1100 13/11/08, Bernard Robertson-Dunn posted:
>> Rudd Government's internet filter to block up to 10,000 'unwanted' sites
>> By Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson
>> November 13, 2008 10:44am
>> The Australian IT
>> http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,25642,24645568-5014239,00.html
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Is it possible and I will forgive any cynicism but I do not want 
to appear stupid....

Is it just possible that the Govt is doing the trial with an expectancy
for it to fail?   Labor opposed a lot of this stupid technical stuff
when they were opposition.   They have good minds like Kate Lundy and 
so on who used to be the one who grasped all this?   Is it not just 
possible that they know the outcome of this trial and want to 
prove the failure so they can put it to rest once and for all, or 
am I just being naive and silly?!    My gut feeling says the whole 
thing will be pronounced a failure and the Govt will be able to
wriggle out of commitments made to conservatives who have their own
bizarre agendas...


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