[LINK] Freeview Launches In Australia

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Nov 26 04:24:38 AEDT 2008

David Boxall wrote:
> <http://www.ebroadcast.com.au/enews/television/Freeview-Launches-In-Australia-241108.html>
>> The digital television revolution moves a step closer tonight with all 
>> of the nation’s major free-to-air broadcasters uniting for the launch 
>> of the Freeview brand.
> Not a promising start: <http://www.freeview.com.au/> is all Flash & 
> Javascript. Unless they come to their senses, I'll be giving the web 
> site a miss.

Well, I click on the "What is Freeview?" button, and get a black 
rectangle. That seems like a bigger problem to me (after a while it did 
display a progress bar). What I got in the end was about four paragraphs 
of text... 60 seconds to display a page must be some sort of record.

(On the flash / javascript thing, arguing against sites which use those 
technologies seems like a losing battle to me. It was a relevant 
argument about five years ago, but it seems like you might have to 
accept that you've lost. I don't see technical reasons that they 
couldn't be made more discoverable for things like screen readers 
though, especially given web crawlers can get inside them now...)


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