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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Nov 26 10:17:44 AEDT 2008

Michael Still wrote:

> (On the flash / javascript thing, arguing against sites which use those 
> technologies seems like a losing battle to me. It was a relevant 
> argument about five years ago, but it seems like you might have to 
> accept that you've lost. I don't see technical reasons that they 
> couldn't be made more discoverable for things like screen readers 
> though, especially given web crawlers can get inside them now...)

Yeah, let's just throw in the towel and allow these invasive
(and evasive) technologies take away what little privacy we have left.

Not to mention how easyily these tools can be used for nefarious purposes.

The whining you hear is almost always in protection of our privacy
and to minimise the attacks that are constantly being hurled at
us from untrusted sources on the Internet.

A few questions:

(*) do you think Java and Javascript are a Good Thing to have enabled
     in your email client? how about cookies?

(*) would you download and execute *anything* from an untrusted source?
     This is what you are doing when you surf to a new site like freeview.

(*) do you run your internet applications in a safe sandbox?

(*) are you using Windows? how their IE product with Active X enabled?

There are many more such questions to be asked, but they usually fall
on inadequately educated ears, whose owners would much rather head
down the info superhighway to the Next Big Thing (tm).

<tongue location="cheek">

   Your posting highlights one of the great fallacies of argumentative
   discourse: everybody's doing it so it must be right. And it also uses
   an appeal to popularity to make its point.

   e.g. I can find these problems with your statement:

   Argumentum ad populum (Appeal to the people or gallery)
   Dicto simpliciter / Fallacy of accident / Sweeping generalization

   More here:




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