[LINK] Freeview Launches In Australia

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Nov 26 10:47:55 AEDT 2008

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> On 26/11/2008, at 10:17 AM, Rick Welykochy wrote:
>> (*) do you think Java and Javascript are a Good Thing to have enabled
>>     in your email client? how about cookies?
> I'm curious as to how an e-mail client would do anything with a cookie, 
> let alone Java or javascript. Does Microsoft now ship e-mail clients 
> that do this as a matter of course? (if so, I can understand your ire)

google: "cookie exploits html email"

regarding HTML, I've downgraded my email client to just render the
text and throw away all the other cruft. heaven!


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