[LINK] the BBN bid article - who is Kevin Morgan?

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There's an article in the Age today by a person named Kevin Morgan, 
identified at the end of the piece as an independent 
telecommunications consultant .

He ends it with:

But even if SingTel and its major shareholder, Temasek, are prepared 
to stump up $10 billion to $15 billion,[source, Mr Morgan?] there is 
one problem: they need access to the exiting(sic) [Freudian slip 
perhaps?] Telstra infrastructure and particularly the last few 
hundred metres of copper that run to every household.

The real sting in the tail for Conroy in the Telstra letter is that 
it has signalled it will not agree to give a rival bidder access to 
that copper and in the absence of that agreement, there can be no 
rival national broadband network.


I guess the decision of the monopoly ownership of the copper is 
coming home to roost. Of course, Morgan could be wrong. Copper may 
not be the last km delivery means. Why not wireless? I'm not sure of 
the limitations on frequency usage for such speeds. Then again, since 
Optus is the tech company involved, what *did* happen to all those 
kms of cable networks in the ground from the old TV service?

BTW, does anyone know of this person? His Liberal politics is 
showing. He also says:
"the tender would have obliged Telstra to hand hundreds of millions 
of dollars worth of intellectual property to a government that does 
not seem capable of keeping the Prime Minister's conversations with 
the US President confidential. "

What does that have to do with ICT? And has he never heard of 
licensing? Or commercial in confidence? It's not like governments 
don't do this every day of the week.


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