[LINK] the BBN bid article - who is Kevin Morgan?

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Thu Nov 27 09:22:06 AEDT 2008

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> There's an article in the Age today by a person named Kevin Morgan, 
> identified at the end of the piece as an independent 
> telecommunications consultant .
> http://business.theage.com.au/business/no-broadband-bid-damages-labors-policy-20081126-6iv4.html
> He ends it with:
> But even if SingTel and its major shareholder, Temasek, are prepared 
> to stump up $10 billion to $15 billion,[source, Mr Morgan?] there is 
> one problem: they need access to the exiting(sic) [Freudian slip 
> perhaps?] Telstra infrastructure and particularly the last few 
> hundred metres of copper that run to every household.
> The real sting in the tail for Conroy in the Telstra letter is that 
> it has signalled it will not agree to give a rival bidder access to 
> that copper and in the absence of that agreement, there can be no 
> rival national broadband network.
> --
> I guess the decision of the monopoly ownership of the copper is 
> coming home to roost. Of course, Morgan could be wrong. Copper may 
> not be the last km delivery means. Why not wireless? I'm not sure of 
> the limitations on frequency usage for such speeds. Then again, since 
> Optus is the tech company involved, what *did* happen to all those 
> kms of cable networks in the ground from the old TV service?
> BTW, does anyone know of this person? His Liberal politics is 
> showing. He also says:
> "the tender would have obliged Telstra to hand hundreds of millions 
> of dollars worth of intellectual property to a government that does 
> not seem capable of keeping the Prime Minister's conversations with 
> the US President confidential. "
...Well, Google hints that you've mistaken his politics: formerly a
researcher for the telco union, then a policy adviser to Kim Beasley,
now described as a telecommunications consultant, also lots of columns
in various newspapers...

> What does that have to do with ICT? And has he never heard of 
> licensing? Or commercial in confidence? It's not like governments 
> don't do this every day of the week.
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