[LINK] More about iiNet suit - legal opinion on their side it seems

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Sun Nov 30 12:55:19 AEDT 2008

Let me get this straight, Dave ...

In what passes for your mind, you didn't pass any opinion on iiNet 
despite saying (and I quote) 'Of the 3 or 4 worst ISPs I've used in 
Australia, they are by far the worst.', and despite saying just 
below, 'But I still say iiNet was the worse ISP of the few I have 
used. Waiting for half an hour for customer service at a bare minimum 
is pathetic.'

It's good that we've cleared that up.

And of course you've once again failed to void addressing the issues ...


At 5:21 AM -0800 on 29/11/08 you wrote:
>Here we go again... Frank misrepresenting what I said. I said I'm 
>not entering the discussion of whether the head of Exetel was 
>correct in what he said. Others made comment on that.
>And I didn't say he was right. I said he has a valid point of view.
>But I still say iiNet was the worse ISP of the few I have used. 
>Waiting for half an hour for customer service at a bare minimum is 
>So Frank, you can keep making your ill-informed and idiotic comments 
>about me. Since you have no idea of who I am, keep making up the 
>As for the way Yahoo handles emailing, you can live with it. 
>Everyone else can.
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>Re: [LINK] More about iiNet suit - legal opinion on their
>Yo Dave,
>At 5:43 PM -0800 on 26/11/08 you wrote:
>>Oh Frank, you are funny! See, my comment was why was why shouldn't 
>>the head of Exetel have his own opinion. Another poster said part 
>>of what he said was fact, the other opinion. I'm not entering that 
>Ahhh ... good that you didn't enter into it. I suppose it was those 
>nasty fairies who typed:
>>  >Since when was iiNet off-limits to criticism. Of the 3 or 4 
>>worst >ISPs I've used in Australia, they are by far the worst. And 
>>why >isn't the point made by Linton valid, at least to some extent?
>.... but maybe it was someone or something else who wrote that.
>And Linton's 'point' as you put it was that iiNet should have meekly 
>caved to the demands of those third parties when they were made - 
>like Exetel did. Great precedent there Dave.
>So if any pressure group says an ISP should do something, then it 
>should be done ... filter the Net, filter their customers, throttle 
>it back, lock out various content, censor religious views etc. All 
>cool with you?
>Yeah ... you would see Linton's view as valid. (Hey, you were the 
>one who said so.)
>>And maybe you should read Frank. Jan originally asked "What is 
>>Exetel doing bad-mouthing iiNet? Sour grapes perhaps?" So is iiNet 
>>off-limits to you?
>She asked that as an off-side .... that was why it was in brackets. 
>Rhetorical question, I'd say.
>Nope iiNet's not off limits ... but in the context of this 
>discussion (which I pointed out invited comment on the film studios 
>efforts to get third parties and taxpayers to plug the various hole 
>sin their business models) comment on iiNet or any other ISP wasn't 
>>And oh Frank, if only you knew anything. Playing the man and not 
>>the ball. Now, maybe you should stick to the discussion and not 
>>show the inadequacies in your arguments by attacking me personally.
>Dave, the issues were and and are:
>a. To what extent ISP's can be regarded as publishers
>b. To what extent ISP's (legally)  can and should police their clientele
>c. To what extent third parties like ISP's should be responsible to 
>plugging holes in the business models of other industries
>d. To what extent those industries should conduct their own policing 
>and enforcement if they're not willing to change their business 
>... and a number of other issues that proceed from them ...
>>I'm not exactly sure what " currying up to the rich and powerful" 
>>has to do with questioning the right of the head of Exetel to voice 
>>his opinion. Enlighten me.
>Just a tendency to back to rich and powerful Dave .... fairly 
>uncritical of Microsoft, movie studios and big media interests. 
>Lauding bad product and standards. It's a trend I'm looking at Dave.
>Never seen anything from you on behalf of the little guy. The putz 
>who pays for copyright or digital product and then is denied fair 
>use. The putz who has to front up with more moolah every time the 
>same copyright material is released on new media.
>                                                 Regards,
>BTW. Dicky mailer you got there Dave .... Love the way it handles 
>the end of line formatting. Yahoo ... gotta love them. Can you turn 
>off those grotty end-of-line codes?
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