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2009/3/31 Tom Worthington <Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au>:
>  The self deposit process seems to me to be a flawed business model
>  derived from a librarian's outdated idea of how publishing is done.
>   ... it seems to me it is much
>  simpler and cheaper to make an open access publication, than try to
>  get people to put copies of papers from old publications in a
>  repository. ...

Absolutely.  To use Stevan Harnad's colour-schemes, what you describe 
there is the gold-standard.  Journals that permit self-deposit are 
green.  There are a couple of layers below that.

The problem is that for-profits aren't volunteering to die, and they 
own much of the copyright;  so gold is unattainable for 70-80% of the 
content, at least in the medium term, and hence gold alone is an 
incomplete strategy.

If you like, self-deposit is the (or a) way to cope with realities.

(BTW, the ACS and IFIP initiative and underlying philosophy are 
excellent, and AJIS and hence the Australian IS community was an 
early beneficiary of it.  But ISR and JMIS and IJEC, and even ACM and 
IEEE, aren't about to lie down and die).

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