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> Hi All,
> some comments from me - and I don't pretend to have a perfect 
> view of all of this. So tell me where I am wrong (I always 
> like to learn new things).
> >>... OA, ePrints and repositories movements has not, or at least not 
> >>yet, resulted in success in practice. This is because only a small 
> >>proportion of papers are actually self-deposited ...
> This is the case where deposit is not mandated. 

As in the National Australian Film Archive where they have 1000 movies
from Australias past - conveniently ommitting that according to the
combined numbers in the Australian Yearbook series, Australia has
produced close to 67,000 films of varying length.

That's 66,000 films lost to the world.
And to add insult to injury.... You then have to pay to view the

A sad example of Government/Commercial bungling. With NO valid defense.


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