[LINK] Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car in Canberra

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Fri Apr 3 10:03:44 AEDT 2009

At 08:48 AM 3/04/2009, Karl Auer wrote:
>the success of the car will have FAR more to do with marketing,
>education of the buying public, and the cost of fuel than anything else.

[since this has to do with networks --- not data, but energy]

I've often wondered if there has been any study of the real change in 
energy demands re a shift to electric from petrol in the full energy 
chain and the effects on GH gas emisions. The power for the car 
batteries has to come from the same power plants that are powered by 
coal and are already struggling to meet demand, especially in summer.

Can anyone point to somewhat reliable independent analyses for Australia?


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