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At 10:23 AM 3/04/2009, Rick Welykochy wrote:
>There is something out of whack with the economics of fossil fuels.
>Petrol is cheaper than milk. Than orange juice. Running a car
>where I live is cheaper than public transport.

It's about par for me now EXCEPT for parking costs and non-petrol 
auto costs. Put that in the mix and the train is much cheaper at 
$9.90 for a daily ticket if I leave after 9am. Just a bit more if I 
take a morning peak train, which I try to avoid because of the crush. 
I live 50km out of the city. So 10 litres/100 rough figures is about 
$1.10x10 = $11.00 for petrol alone return. Add in the true cost of 
the km at about $.55/km at the moment I think plus parking and public 
transport is definitely a cheaper option IF your destinations are on 
Melbourne metro train/tram/bus lines.


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