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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Apr 3 11:23:49 AEDT 2009

Glen Turner wrote:

> The simplest way of doing that is to put 10 people into a vehicle
> where we current put 1 person. That is, mass public transport.

When I used to cycle from Sydney central to Rosebery to work, I
would occasionally stop on an overpass over S.Dowling Rd and
count cars with a single occupant. A sobering exercise for anyone
to try. You'll usually get a figure like 90%+.

I'm now living 7 km out of town on the north NSW coast. It costs
$9.20 for a return bus trip into town. I've never seen that bus
with more than two passengers (excluding school kids at 2:30pm).
The same trip by car costs about $2.00 for petrol, ignoring the
other costs to run a car. Of course, hopping on a bike and
cycling into town is pretty well free. Well, about two beers in
calories :)

There is something out of whack with the economics of fossil fuels.
Petrol is cheaper than milk. Than orange juice. Running a car
where I live is cheaper than public transport.


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